Contrarian Cashflow:

Cash Flowing Simplified.


Hey You! You said the world needs more critical thinking + contrarian cash flowing.

So, we listened. Enter… FOR FOUNDING MEMBERS ONLY. 

Contrarian Cash Flow: 

It’ll focus exclusively on two things:
→ Making you that paper in unconventional ways. 
→ Giving you a roadmap to Cashflow Unconventionally, Passively & Simply
My goal is for you to have an ROI that is 10-100x on your time spent. 

Who is CCF For? Humans who… 

  • Want diversified revenue streams.
  • Passive income that’s actually passive.
  • Creative ways to increase your net worth.
  • An exact playbook on some of the funniest funkiest ways to create wealth.
  • Ridiculously unfair insider views and access.
  • And the process I use every single month to make a portfolio of small cash flowing bets….
Who won’t want this: Those who think passive income and cashflow sucks… I mean honestly who are you?
Everyone will still get the weekly newsletter but those of you who take the leap with me, you’ll get the keys to the whole castle.

INSIDE THE CASHFLOW CASTLE: (only available RN to founding members) 

– A deep dive ‘step by step’ event on one of the cash flowing ideas where we break down the strategies we outline in contrarian thinking, with the expert themselves. Then we’ll turn that into an even longer form written piece.
– A chance to “ask the experts” monthly AMA 
– A copy of all the resources related to each topic for you to breakdown the deal and EXECUTE on your own terms
– Exclusive access to the Cashflow Vault with models on how to value deals, past webinars with experts, etc. The tools you need, that no one shares, to execute on creating financial freedom. No budget spreadsheets here, we’re thinking bigger. 

Current Lineup:

  • HOW TO LAUNCH A FUND: W/ Shaan Puri ($3.5M raised on Twitter), Nathan Lustig ($50M raised) & myself ($200M raised & $1B prior). 
  • How to Buy Land By National Parks for $10k & Profit $2k Monthly
  • How to Launch a Mastermind and Do $10-$100k a Month
  • How to Buy Things at Bankruptcy Auctions and Make $$
  • How to do Foreclosure Home Buying w/ Lists
  • How to Buy Closed Businesses for $0
  • How to Launch an E-Product Business to do $3-30k a Month
  • How to Invest in Pawn Shops & Profit
  • How to Launch a Newsletter & Make it Profit $100k’s+
  • And all the other crazy things I try in my portfolio of small bets…


THE COOLEST PART – If you are one of my real Contrarians, I figure you should get something extra special. SO I’m doing a founding membership only right now pre-launch. I’m shutting it off in 19 days because you should be rewarded for the early trust. Here’s the word, you get all the above PLUS: So for founding members at $500, you get:

  • Lifetime access, early access
  • Contrarian swag
  • Be a part of a limited crew of cantankerous hominoids
  • First call w/ Shaan Puri on launching your own fund is LIVE, Friday, February 26th only for founding members, so give him all hard questions
  • You’ll get founding members only segment with Nathan Lustig ($50M fund) and me
After this founding membership, it’ll be $29-49 a month (maybe higher – I want people to be serious) or $299-479 for the year.  If you want to 10x your wealth, take action, and have a blast making money and making an impact, come along.


Contrarian Cashflow:

Cash Flowing Simplified.

Hey You! You said  the world needs more critical thinking + contrarian cash flowing. So, we listened.

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